Atget Studio

In 1446, the great Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci developed his skills studying under Andrea del Verrocchio in immersive workshops of creativity and innovation. Aspiring artists like Caravaggio and Rembrandt didn’t learn by only attending classes once per week - anxiously awaiting a few minutes of personal attention from overextended teachers.

Atget Studio responds to today’s challenges of the creative process by providing an interactive digital space of exchange between artists, students and teachers that is both efficient and effective. Break free of the constraints of travel and distance and access the insights of other artists any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. Engage in thoughtful critiques that evolve over time and reflect on the advice you give and receive.

We at Atget Studio deeply respect the role of the teacher in creative learning; that is why we designed a platform that allows them to easily organize, share, provide feedback and lead discussions with both individual artists as well as groups of students. Through Atget, users can write comments and record voice annotations about each other’s work. They can share their art privately with their teachers or with their entire cohort. Teachers can streamline the time it takes to provide guidance and advice to individuals through Atget’s custom interface where feedback is quickly and directly applied to an artist’s work.

Atget Studio understands that asking questions and receiving critical and clear feedback helps solve complicated problems. Atget Studio respects the delicate process of creativity and allows individual artists, teachers and entire classes of students a space to give and receive thoughtful and constructive criticism. Get the quality feedback you need at the time you need it with the help of Atget Studio.