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In 1446, the great Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci developed his skills studying under Andrea del Verrocchio in immersive workshops of creativity and innovation. Aspiring artists like Caravaggio and Rembrandt didn’t learn by attending classes once a week - anxiously awaiting their next meeting where they would vie with their classmates for a few minutes of personal attention from overextended teachers.

Today, Atget Studio provides a simple digital platform that makes a back and forth exchange between creator and teacher fast and effective. Submit your work for review anytime throughout the day, there’s no need to travel to class or set up a videoconference. Free yourself of the frustrations of coordinating meetings and work at your own natural pace while building a conversation that evolves over time. Reflect on the advice you’re given, resubmit your revisions when you’re ready to share them and receive responses when your teacher is best prepared to provide you with a thoughtful critique.

We at Atget Studio understand that asking questions, fleshing out ideas and receiving critical and clear feedback solve complicated problems. Atget Studio respects the delicate process of creativity and allows an artist’s ‘work in progress’ to receive thoughtful and constructive criticism. With Atget Studio you get the quality feedback you need at the time you need it.

We're excited to have your help.

Atget Studio is continually evolving, which means you will see new features, improvements, bug fixes, and refinements to the product's look and feel.

We are anxious to get your feedback on Atget Studio's functionality, user interface, and any bugs you may encounter. As a member, you will be provided with different ways to communicate, share feedback and just stay in touch with us. We’ll ask for your feedback and input regarding the concept, design and general look-and-feel of Atget Studio as we seek to improve it.

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