Tutorial: An Introduction to Critiques

Atget Studio provides a handy way to submit your work for criticism and suggestions from experts.

Some schools that use Atget Studio offer this service to students for free, where the student can upload photos for the photography instructor to critique. Other schools allow a user to add a critique request where a critic who is not necessarily an instructor of the user--it might just be a freelance critic. Sometimes, the school will charge a small fee for a critique.

We'll use the terms user and student a bit interchangably in these tutorials to refer to the person seeking the critique, and we will use instructor and critic a bit interchangeably to refer to the person who is providing the feedback.

How critiques work is this:

  1. You upload one or more items for the critic to comment upon. This is called a Critique Request.
  2. The instructor or a critic accepts the Critique Request and begins a Critique. The critic finishes and completes the Critique after making all the annotations and comments the critic wants.
  3. You can review the Critique and see what the critic said.
  4. If you want to ask a question, you can type a question and/or record an audio clip (once per Critique) for clarification.
  5. The critic can then respond to your question with a text reply and/or audio clip.
  6. The Critique is archived--that is, it displays in your archive where you can review it later.

If your school has fees for critiques, you will need to add funds using secure payment processing from Stripe before you add your Critique Request--so don't worry about having to hock your camera because you've spent too much on Critiques.

Now, we'll walk step through step through the process, starting with adding a Critique Request.

Up next: Adding a Critique Request