Tutorial: Where Is My...?

The My Critiques tab has three sub-tabs beneath it, and each Critique Request and Critique has a number of statuses it can pass through from creation to finalization. This little cheatsheet will help remind you where you can find things.


  • Critique Requests you have added but a critic has not started to critique. You can view, update, or cancel unassigned critique requests.
  • The Add a Critique Request card for adding new Critique Requests.

In Progress

  • Critiques In Progress--these are critique requests where a critic has begun, but has not completed, a critique. If you click them, you will view the Critique Request, not the critique with the annotations and remarks the critic is making--you'll only be able to see them when the critic has completed them.
  • Completed Critiques--these are completed critiques with annotations and remarks by the critic. Clicking these cards will display the Critique, and you can ask a question.
  • Critiques with Questions--these are critiques where you have asked a question, but the critic has not yet responded.
  • Critques with Responses--these critiques have the instructor or critic's response to your questions.


  • Archived Critiques, which are Finalized critiques where you did not ask a question within 7 days of a critic completing a critique or where the critic responded to your questions, and you viewed the responses. Click to view the Critique.
  • Canceled Critique Requests--Critique Requests that you canceled before a critic began a critique. Click to see the Critique Request.

Note that you can click a course tab to narrow the cards that display on these tabs to critique requests and critiques for a particular course.