Tutorial: Completing The Critique

Once you have annotated the photos in a critique and have collected your overall thoughts about the submission in the Critique Summary, you can click to finish up and to send your remarks to the student.

When you click , we'll ask you if you're sure:

Click again to send the critique to the student. If your school charges fees, the student's held funds will be released to you. You can find the critique under your Completed tab with a status of Completed:

After the student reviews the critique, the student will have the opportunity to ask a question about your critique. If a student asks a question, we'll send you an email, and you can find the critique back in your In Progress tab with a partially filled question mark indicating the student has asked a question:

When you click the Critique, you will find the student's questions beneath your critique summary:

You can read the question and play back any audio clip that the student shared.

Beneath the question, you can type a response and record audio responses of your own. Remember to click when you're done so that we know to tell the student you've responded. You're all done with this critique.

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