Tutorial: Creating a Studio Wall

  1. Log in to Atget Studio. In your browser, go to https://atget.studio. You’ll see a screen like the one below:

    Hit the Log In button.
  2. You’ll see a login screen like the one below.

    Fill in your member name (usually your email address) and password, and then hit the “Log In” button.
  3. Once you log in, you’ll see your Studio Page:

    Click on the “My Studio Walls” tab.
  4. You will then see tabs below it for “All Courses” and one for each of your Courses (in the example above, I only have one Course: “The Light of Winter”).

    Click on the tab for your Course ("The Light of Winter" in this example).
  5. After you click on your class’s tab, it will turn light blue to show it’s selected.

    Since you probably don’t have any Studio Walls when you begin, you might just see a card with a big “+” in it labelled “Add a Studio Wall for...” followed by the Course name (again, "The Light of Winter" in this example):

    Click on it to add a new Studio Wall.
  6. When you click the card, the “Add Studio Wall” page will appear:

    At the top of the page, you’ll see the label “Course & Assignment”. Next to it, you will find a drop-down list which should have your Course selected (“The Light of Winter” in this example). You can also choose the appropriate Assignment for this studio wall.
  7. Below it is the “Title” label and an edit box for the title of your about-to-be-created Studio Wall. Atget Studio has guessed at one for you (“michael.wilson@gmail.com's Studio Wall 06/05/2022 15:08:38” in this example), but you probably want to choose your own. Just triple-click in on the title (to select all of it) and type your new title.
  8. To start adding photos to your Studio Wall, click the big blue button that says “Click here to upload a JPEG, GIF, MPO, PNG, TIFF image or PDF”.
  9. After you click the button you’ll get a file selection box. Select as many photographs as you’d like to upload and press “Open”.

    Here, I’ve selected just one.

  10. Atget Studio will upload the image, and it will appear on the Studio Wall.

    As you can see, the image has been uploaded and a thumbnail has appeared on the Studio Wall. To continue our example, let’s add a couple more. Click on the “Click here to upload…” button again.

    Here I’ve selected two more photographs:

    As you can see, Atget Studio has added the two photographs and positioned them in a grid on the Studio Wall.

    Of course, the photos don’t have to be in a grid or uniformly sized, but we’ll get to that in another tutorial.

  11. Now hit the “Add Studio Wall” button in the top right.

    You’ll see a busy indicator (a spinning circle of blue dots).

    Once the Studio Wall is added, a message will appear (in green) at the top of the page.

    At this point you could add more photographs to the Studio Wall, but we’re going to finish up here with just 3.

    You can always go back later and add, update, or delete photos on the wall.
  12. The last step is to share your Studio Wall with your instructor and classmates.

    You can do this at any time before your class meets, but we’re just going to show it now.

    To get started, hit the “Not Shared” button on the top right of the Studio Wall.

    A dialog box like the one below will appear.

    There are 3 choices:
    • “Not Shared”. This means only you can see your Studio Wall.
    • “Shared with Class”. This means that your instructor and classmates can see your Studio Wall.
    • “Shared with Instructor”. This means that only you and your instructor can see the Studio Wall.
    For this example, press the button which says "Shared with Class".
  13. Once you make a choice, a message will confirm the Studio Wall has been shared:

    Hit the "Close" button on the lower right to close the dialog.
  14. Hit “Home” in the upper left hand portion of the screen and you’ll see your new Studio Wall has been added to the "My Studio Walls" tab under your Course ("The Light of Winter" in this example).

The “3” on the upper right corner of the card is the number of photographs in the Studio Wall.

Atget Studio picked the first photograph on the wall as the "hero" that shows on the Studio Wall's card. In another tutorial, we'll show you how to pick which photograph is the hero.

The "Shared with Class button in the lower right tells you the Studio Wall has been shared with the class. You can press tihs button to change how the Studio Wall is shared.

This is the end of this tutorial. If you want to make changes to your Studio Wall, you can do this by Updating a Studio Wall.