Tutorial: Archiving a Studio Wall

If you've been using Atget Studio to showcase your work on Studio Walls for a while--and we hope you have and hope you will stick around--you might find your Studio Walls tab becoming cluttered with old courses. We've come up with a solution that allows you to move your old courses and their studio walls from your main Studio Wall workspace but to still have access to those studio walls, their contents, and their comments.

You can archive studio walls for courses that have ended by simply clicking the Archive button that displays on the tab for the course:

When you click the Archive button (), Atget Studio removes the course tab from your Studio Walls tab, but you can still find it if you click the Archived tab.

When you click the Archived tab, it displays a list of all the courses you have archived:

You can click the button to see all the studio walls in that course:

You can click studio wall ID number to go to the Studio Wall--and you can see and still comment on it--or you can click the button in the leftmost column on each studio wall to see all the items on the studio wall and some information about each:

So you can easily review the courses, and the studio walls, that you've archived at your leisure and can keep your current courses' Studio Walls at the forefront of your attention on the Studio Walls tab.

If you inadvertently archive a studio wall for a course that has just ended, but your classmates are still actively commenting on, you can restore the archived studio wall to your Studio Walls tab by clicking the button. The studio wall will disappear from your archives and will display again on your main Studio Walls tab.