Tutorial: Critique Archives

The third tab in your My Critiques section is the Archived tab:

Your critiques or critique requests will display on the Archived tab:

  • When you cancel a Critique Request.
  • When you have asked a question about a completed request, and you have reviewed the critic's response.
  • If a critic has completed a request, and you do not ask a question within 7 days of the completion.

Once you have reviewed the answers to your questions on a critique or once the 7 days have passed, we consider those critiques to be Finalized. You can still review them on the Archived tab any time you want.

If you delete a critique, though, it will not display on the Archived tab. So be careful when deleting your critiques.

You can read a more detailed list of statuses and where to find your critique requests/critiques in Where Is My...?