Tutorial: An Introduction to Critiques for Instructors

We have already provided a quick and easy Introduction to Critiques that describes how someone makes a critique request and how to view the annotations and comments that an instructor or critic makes in a critique--along with the process for asking questions after the critique is complete and viewing responses to their questions.

As an instructor or a critic, your role in the process is the mirror image of the student's:

  1. You accept a critique request / begin a critique.
  2. You make annotations/comments on individual photos in the critique.
  3. You write or record a critique summary, which are your overall thoughts about the submission.
  4. You complete the critique, which makes your annotations and critique summary available to the student.
  5. The student reviews the critique and can send one or more questions for you.
  6. You can respond to the student's questions by typing or recording your further thoughts.

These tutorials walk you through the processs. We'll start with accepting a critique request.

Up next: Accepting a Critique Request