Tutorial: Sliders on the Studio Wall

The Sliders

Above the upper left corner of the studio wall, you'll find three "sliders." These are like on and off switches that control part of the studio wall canvas itself.

  • Show Grid turns the light grey lines on the studio wall canvas on and off.
  • Snap to Grid makes the items you add to the studio wall align with the lines on the grid (even if they're not displaying via the Show Grid slider).
  • Adornments controls whether the adornments that we've previously discussed display on the photographs and items on your studio wall or not.

    With the Adornments on, which is the default (), you will see little icons and boxes on the photo, like this:
    If you turn the adornments off (), the icons do not display (but the context menu will still be available).

Next to the sliders, the studio wall toolbar offers a variety of buttons. We'll look at those next.

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