Tutorial: Studio Wall Item Adornments

Item Adornments

The item adornments on the photographs, video, text, or other items you place on the studio wall help you to manipulate or comment on them and to recognize what kind of item you're looking at.

  • The grey square () at the top center of the item allows you to rotate the item. Simply click and drag, and your item will spin in that direction.
  • The grey square () in the bottom right corner of the item is the resize handle. You can click and drag this square to make your item bigger or smaller.
  • When you see the little blue icon () at the bottom center of an item, that item is the "Hero."

    Your classmates will see that image when looking at a list of the course studio walls. Photos will display thumbnails as heroes. When you link to videos on certain sites, they'll come with stills from the videos as thumbnails which will display if that video is the hero. Otherwise, a movie camera will display both on the studio wall and on the My Studio Walls or Shared Studio Walls tab if you set it as the thumbnail.

    You can set your own thumbnails for videos or PDF files you've uploaded using the context menu (which we will talk about in a little bit).

    However, you cannot set a text item as the Hero--so this option does not appear on a text item.
  • In the lower left corner, you will see the comments icon () when you're updating the studio wall, but not when you're adding it. If you click this button, you'll open the comments dialog box, where you can view, type, record, or listen to comments. For more information about leaving comments, see the tutorial Commenting on a Studio Wall.

    Note that this will display the comments associated with this item, not the studio wall as a whole.
  • In the upper left corner of the item, you might see one or more stars (). These indicate that someone thinks this item is important. If the star is blue, that means the studio wall's owner--in this case, you--starred the item. If the star is green, that means that someone else--your instructor, most likely--starred the item.
  • In the upper right corner of the videos and PDF items, you will see an icon to indicate what type of item it is.

    indicates the item is a video.

    indicates the item is a PDF file.

    We put these little adornments because you can change their thumbnail so the item looks like a photo, but we want you to know it's different.

Now that we've shown you what you can do with items on the studio wall, let's talk about some of the other buttons and controls on the page, starting with the sliders in the top left corner.

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