Tutorial: Asking Questions about a Critique

You have reviewed the critique. You have reviewed the annotations. But you still have questions. What should you do? Atget Studio is here to help.

After you have reviewed the critique, you have up to a week to submit questions to the critic. When you're reviewing the critique, you might notice a new edit box and set of recording controls at the bottom right:

You can type a set of questions, and you can record audio if you would prefer.

When you click the Send Question button (), we will send your question(s) to the critic. But you can only send a question or questions once. So make sure you have all your questions ready before you click Send Question!

Also, we do have a bit of a time limit on questions--you can only ask a critic a question within a week of the critique, so don't wait.

When your critic has responded, you'll get notifications via email and/or text (if you've so chosen), and you can see the critic's responses below your questions:

Once you've viewed the responses, we'll move this critique to your archives so your Requested and In Progress tabs stay fresh. But let's talk a little about the archives, shall we?

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